The Albion branch of AAUW was established in 1923. About once a month, we offer programming concerning women’s issues and AAUW mission-related activities. We also have a Literature group that meets several times a year. Each year we partner with the Friends of the Albion District Library for a book sale during the Festival of the Forks, with our portion of the proceeds going toward scholarships for local high school seniors and educational funding.

The Albion branch works with our College/University partner, Albion College, to engage college students in AAUW offerings such as Get Out the Vote voter registration, Equal Pay Day, Start Smart salary negotiation workshops, and the National Conference for College Women Student Leaders. Albion College has a recently-developed AAUW student organization.

Please check our calendar for upcoming branch events and activities.

To join our branch or to receive more information, you are welcome to contact any of the officers listed below.

We welcome you to join and thank you for your interest!

Jesse Whitfield

VP Finance (collects dues):
Pat Visser